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     July 4, 2010
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The history of Grether's famous Pastilles goes back more than a century.  You can learn from their history that the Grethers pastille hasn't changed much, except for the name.

Approximately 150 years ago in the British Isles, this famous Allenbury's Pastille originated in a little factory named Allen & Hanbury, Ltd London. Nobody knows what the old recipe was, but, they do know they were made exclBlack Currants used in Grethers Glycerin based pastillesusively from the best raw materials.

Grether's Pastilles have been sold in Switzerland since 1910 and the Basel company, Doetsch Grether, LTD has owned the distribution rights of Grether's Pastilles since 1930.

The trademark was transferred from Allen & Hanbury Ltd in London, to Doetsch Grether Ltd in 1974. During that time, the production facility was relocated to Switzerland and the English factory was being closed due to financial reasons. The Swiss believed this product had hugh potential even though it's production is expensive and can't be streamlined.

A small, specialized Swiss Family business at Lake Constance began production of these Pastilles using the sophisticated production process in accordance with the English prerequisites. The only changes made were the change to the brand name, Grether's Pastilles, and the reference to the Swiss production. They still purchase some of their raw materials from the same companies that supplied Allen & Hanbury, Ltd in London years ago.

The history of Grether's Pastilles is still being made, and will be for years to come, thanks to their quality and great taste!

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